Jen Online Now is a blog about Life, Love, and everything else.

It includes creation, imagination, books, movies,

and almost about anything yet nothing.

This blog does not intend to offend anyone

yet there is no assurance that no one would be offended.

The author of this blog apologizes

in advance for anything that would seem harmful

to anyone in particular.

This blog is sometimes in order, organized, and systematic

but at times it is messy and random.

This blog does not have any subject in focus

but it sure has every thought running inside

a young mom’s mind.

Have you ever experienced having so many ideas

and getting so excited about it?

And when you are about to start acting

you suddenly can’t because you do not know

where or how to start or

you simply forgot about it?

Well, here’s Jen Online Now for you.

It is a blog of a young mom

whose brain is always at work

yet when confronted with serious issues

and decision-making she goes nuts

and seem dumb instead of that nerd-hyperactive

young woman at school or

that is just what she thinks of herself at school.


Name : Jennifer Reyes

Age : 20

Zodiac sign : Taurus


Contact Information :

 Gmail address = mommyjenpot@gmail.com

I am a lazy reader but an industrious writer. I call myself an artist and this is my way of self-promotion…

Hi, I am a young mother with two sons Jon Siegfried and Liam David.

My life is simple yet complicated

and it is reflected through my posts.

I am an artist in my fantasy world,

a writer in my dreams,

a dreamer who cannot be tamed

yet who is afraid of

putting my imagination into action.

I created this blog for so many reasons

which you will be discovering

as you go on with the

pages of my life in this blog.

I can only hope for your enjoyment while reading.


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