Friday Till Yesterday

traveling and ramblings all together now, baby!!!

I am back with so much to talk about that I do not even know where to start. Actually, I went to Pampanga last Friday and came back last Saturday. The reason why I wasn’t able to post is that I am not certain of where to begin. But today, I will start by Friday.

Went to my aunt’s house (father’s side; name: Carina David), then visited another aunt (father’s side; name: Amy Reyes). Had dinner at Toll House, and spent the night at aunt Carina’s house. We travelled back to Baguio City early the following day but we roamed a bit – I mean a bit much around and along the way so we arrived home late at night.

At Toll House. As you can see, it’s a gloomy afternoon but it ain’t gonna stop the fun!

And then comes Sunday. We went to church with hub, hub’s sis, and baby Siegfried. Went to Porta Vaga (a local mall), ate Takoyaki and waffles; took a peak at a game shop and bought fries from the Fries Station; went to SM (Super Mart), ate lunch at KFC, roamed a bit and met my mom at Starbucks. I finally completed my sticker requirements for my Starbucks 2013 Planner!! So I got one and it’s white! Thanks to a civilian mom who just came home from Singapore that I was able to complete my quest!!! Then we bought a bit from the grocery store and went home exhausted.

Monday: spent the day playing Farmville2 and Cityville2; watched The Sweeney; eat, eat, eat; paid the electric bill; bought Chocolate mousse and two toys for baby; and went home to rest. There wasn’t any Internet connection so I wasn’t able to post that day.

Tuesday: went to class for two hours this day; fixed and packed to return to my mom’s house; arrived home and shocked at how messy it is around here; hub cooked for dinner; surprised that I really missed this house despite the messiness; and annoyed that there isn’t any Internet connection here too! Weih!

Wednesday: did the laundry (it’s a hill by that day you see..); fix, fix, fix and I am not yet done until today; went out at three in the afternoon; went for a walk, walk, walk and when it was dark, went home. I slept early yesterday that I wasn’t able to post!   


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