NaBloPoMo: Your Favorite Pet

Dogs are a man’s Best Friend


My favorite pet is a dog. I love dogs. I have this sense of inner connection with dogs that I rarely do have with people. Well, as a matter of fact I treat them as part of the family. Who wouldn’t, right? Anyways, I want to tell you about Chubby, the very first dog I ever had. Unfortunately he is not with me anymore…

When I was a kid–which I could not well remember how little I was–a family friend gave me a puppy as a present just because that person was fond of me. To my joy and excitement with naming it, I couldn’t choose anything better than Chubby. It is his characteristics you see…he is chubby and fluffy. He isn’t any high-class puppy which you often see on televisions and you might as well label him as one of the street dogs. But when you look at him he doesn’t look like one of his own. I grew with him and treated him like a little brother and fed him right and played with him all the time that I hardly left home to play with other kids. Chubby grew really big that I can play horse-riding with him (horsey-horsey). My heart was stuck in that circle of life: Chubby being  one of us and me being his only companion through life. I laugh with him and I was afraid to cry in front of him because I did not want to worry him. Yes, that was the kid I was. Until one day we came home from the grocery store and Chubby was gone. I could not understand why or how or where my Chubby could have gone too. Mom and dad said he is unlikely to come back because they knew something bad happened to Chubby. But still I could not understand what they were saying. I wasn’t able to sleep well or even eat well for a week because I was waiting for his return. Until it became a month and then two and then three. Mom said that they found out Chubby was stolen and the thief traveled far away already. My heart shattered and I was angry–very angry. And because of the result of my loss mom and dad told me I will and never must have a pet again. 

That part of me is unforgettable and even today I get envious of people walking their dogs at the park or people jogging with their dogs early in the morning. 



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