Nothingness On A Saturday

It is Saturday and what do you expect? I am lazy as a cow and nothing right is popping up in my mind. How have you been guys? I can’t wait for December! Nyahahaha! Well, is something out of line: me typing without thinking.

Cheers to love and all the lovers of the world! It is a day for love and yes everyday is a day for love. what I really want to imply is that we should not forget that opposite to love is nothing good. we are created from love, for love, and to love. I wish I have a heart as big as Jesus so I can contain much love for the world but I don’t so it is limited to my inner circle and the world-wide web. How’s that as a lover? loving much? guess so. 

As sunset approaches I still look up to you with gleaming eyes like the way I looked up to you the first time I had laid my eyes on you. My heart skipped a bit every time sunset rays touched my skin because it reminds me of you and how our love has come to ripe. Suddenly the sky turns dark and all I can see is a naked man with no clothes of lies to cover him. How has it come to this point of life that you must change my belief of fairy tales and happy endings? Why should you teach me the evil tongue of man in broad daylight? And yet you let me succumb into the chambers of the unknown without stretching your arms for shelter? Were you there to welcome me into your world and guide me through my journey through love or were you just there to teach and let go saying “you’re on your own”?  What stupidity have I engaged myself with? The fool I am I cannot forget. But with my acquaintance with you, The Dark Lord, I now am smart. Thanks to you I am now that fruitful, bountiful, wise, young woman who have become the master of my whole being. Thanks to you I am now an expert of your world that I know every word of lie a man speaks of…

Tadan! Stop! And I don’t wanna reread that. Terrible story. What was I thinking? Can you guess what the story is about? 🙂 Happy Saturday everyone!


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