My November First

Outside hub’s Home is a wide field! XD     P.S. the dates are not correct! 😦

Arrived at nine quarter in the morning on November One; location: Bauang, La Union: my hub’s grandma’s house. Wasn’t feeling so hot because I was dizzy during the trip. I spend my November First usually with my family at my grandma’s place with food prepared on November’s Eve. We’d be visiting my deceased grandfather (Name: Leon) and eldest sister (Name: Aubrey) and we’d be eating all day. But! Here I am experiencing something new — something fresh and out of the blue. I had some regrets on October Thirty-first and hell yeah I fought with myself through it and won over myself with confidence in going with my hub. i am a little home-sick though. I wanted to eat my grandma’s special sticky rice (dikket). Hehe.


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