Friday Night Drama

it is drizzling in downtown baguio and i am two thousand four hundred meters from town. tonight i am sitting in a hard chair, thinking with my deepest thoughts. What could have happened if i stood up on my own, if i did not obey the “go with the flow” rule, if i just spit out whatever it is in my mind? Would it be the same? Would everything be as simple and as complicated as it is right now? I just wonder. Would my mom change because of me? Would my younger sister obey me then? Would my dad realize his undoings and do the right things instead? I close my eyes and think more. I close my eyes and imagine if everything would be the complete opposite of what really is happening at the moment. I exhale. I inhale. I breath. I hear the rain drops falling on the street and rooftops of our neighborhood. I exhale. I make a sigh of relief. If that would have been the case, then the world would be in chaos now. I smile. There isn’t anything right with what is actually happening and there isn’t anything wrong with it either.

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