The Cause of Headache on a Tuesday


headache. headache. headache. and more headache on a Tuesday! becoming less of what you are and becoming more of who you are; then here comes creativity barging in like thunder, giving you ideas to ponder on and things to think about. and I wonder..

I wonder how, I wonder when..tadadadadan on the blue blue sky..but all that I could just a yellow lemon tree..

~ Lemon Tree

do you know that song? I guess so…today I learned that when you buy your personal computers and they get old like for a year example, it would become really old — annoying to your eyes, will cause you headaches, and would increase your exposure to radiation. not healthy at all right? tsk. today I realized that I haven’t done things that must have been done this morning: the clothes that should be folded; the clothes that was supposed to be dried up in the sun; and our room that should have been reorganized. why should I realize this only now,when I am about to close my eyes and sleep?! today I discovered a new ROM for android: USSR version 7. you can search for that here. sorry I couldn’t be more of help with that because I am posting from my phone. but USSR version 7 isn’t uploaded yet I think. it is so far the best I have discovered through hub. yeah, he is addicted to mobile development.
and I shall end my Tuesday post with this:

With God you stand in a world illuminated by the eternal sun of love, without God, you live in the shadow of fear & doubt.

good night.


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