What Is So Great About Being A Parent?

Taken last September 12, 2012
My son on his 8th month πŸ™‚

Hi! Good evening! It is Friday night and my son is sound asleep now so I still had the time to face my computer and upload his photo from last Wednesday morning on one of our city’s best restaurants: Good Taste. Ate breakfast with hub and had a little chat with mom before she went for her trip. She’s become a traveler with her business now I just realized. I envy her a bit. oops wait! Studies first before wander thoughts! Why did I post my son’s picture? No reason at all. I just love to see his face while I write!!! And my I am so happy!

What is so great about being a parent? Especially being a mother?

YOU CANNOT AND CAN NEVER RESIST YOUR CHILD. No matter what the situation or the consequence it, never ever can you say “No” to your child whether he can already speak or not. This is a fact you cannot negate. And for me as a studying mom I wish I could just study home, work at home, and just live at home so I will not have to leave his side. I really want to stay by his side all the time like every minute and every second he breaths.

YOU BECOME MORE RESPONSIBLE. This is true. And with everything I mean including your choice of words, tone of voice, actions, simple facial and body gestures, your temper, and how you deal with things. The thing here is you are challenge to be a lot more positive than everyone and anything else that surrounds you. Although for me I am trying to perfect this one because I am a bit short-tempered that I may not notice my voice or words towards the people around me while my son is listening to me. I keep on apologizing to him if you only knew.

YOU ENJOY THINGS UNEXPECTEDLY. You may not have realized this yet or you may have but things that you’ve been avoiding before are merely not important now. You now enjoy things unexpectedly and automatically. Smile if you just thought about something related. πŸ™‚ Like cooking, cleaning the house (but hey that should be even before giving birth right?), exploring things, and observing every little tiny detail that you can see right now.

YOU TEND TO CREATE MORE, THINK MORE, AND DO MORE. Well if you’re an artist or just creative like me, I bet you’re writing or knitting, or saving, or crafting, or practicing to cook…everything for your child. ( I just bit my lip ) . Β I love this part so much. My brain is at work with this. You know right? And I want to do almost everything!!!!

YOU BECOME MORE LOVABLE. And understanding. And forgiving. And approachable for moms like you. And yes I am this person. You tend to love yourself more. You love others more as well with a universal feeling–that neutral “love” that people have for other people. (Yeah I know, enough with the “people” word). It’s just that you gain more confidence, more trust for people, more credibility to your position. Correct me if I’m wrong. πŸ˜‰

All those are based on my opinion and experience and I do not intend to offend anybody. I am simply stating my realization. And yes I have become this person–that certain someone who I never expected to be and I am in pure joy for this. I just want to say that everyone and anyone gets to realize the happy things eventually, depending on how they view their life–their own worlds. mine is yet to begin and I want to share it with the universe. Good night. Have a happy weekend.

Bye Bye!!!


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