Seeing Is Love

“Your eyes were made beautiful for you to see beautiful things.” ~by ME!

Good evening women and gentlemen from the WordPress Community. I take back my words when I said I would lay low for a while! But yeah, the moving is still on going and I cannot resist–or should I say I cannot take to not look on my blog even for just a day!!! Anyways, this post is inspired by NaBloPoMo September 2012 from BlogHer. And today’s prompt is…

Which sense is more important to you: vision or hearing?

Life sure has tough choices, ain’t it? And come to think of it I want to give credit to those who can easily know and choose which of the five senses are of most importance to them. Well for me they are all important. Vision and hearing is on the top list though. Without them you are unable to express yourself well; without them you cannot address your feelings; my and without them you are paralyzed by life! What an irony isn’t it? And if I am to choose between those two I would say vision is more important to me–not because it does not need anything else but because it has a stronger influence than hearing and any other senses. Hearing is one thing but seeing is another thing and is far more greater. Why is that so? You can predict and imagine sound when you see things. You can create a whole new world with just your eyes. Seeing is love–it lifts you up in the heavens like never before! While hearing can make you feel the real feeling, seeing can make you not just make you feel the real thing but it can also bring about more and beyond emotions. Vision indeed is powerful, I say.





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