SeeSaw of D and S

My heart is a soft one

with a lot of emotions

crumbling and reforming inside

and yet life has never given me the time

to think of satisfaction and its opposite.

I am not to think about it because

when I do I will be more

confused and my path

will be unclear.

I leave it up to the

seesaw of life

and I will stay in

the middle as its balancer. 

My life has led into a complicated one: the never-ending family conflicts, money wars, relationship misunderstandings, friendship love confessions, concentration problems, and a lot of negativity that you make think of for a young mother like me. Well God sure has tested me much and I still believe that despite my incapability to view things in a more positive way, He chooses my side and protects me.

I cannot say that I have reached satisfaction with the way I live my life now nor am I not satisfied with it. I can only guarantee that life has yet to give me more fun and problems and along with it is a seesaw of Dissatisfaction and Satisfaction.


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