My Nails for The Week


Vi-e-olet de Ultima

I originally planned to draw something tonight. And then I saw the nail polish I bought a week ago. So I put some on my thumb, then another some on my other nails until I could not stop myself from putting some more. It feels heavy on my nails. I don’t know if it’s just me or is it because I am not used to it? Ha ha. So I decided this would be my work of art for today. 🙂 The problem is, how will I be able to do anything with my nails painted?

I sit across an old couple sitting on a bench and I thought of you–of us. I Grow Old With You from The Wedding Singer came up in my mind. What a wonderful way of putting our lives like that. And when the senior citizen couple stood up to leave, I remember I was there to read a book. Before I realized it, my book was stolen. But instead of being in panic, I just smiled and continue to think some more.


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