Thoughts of Leaving

It’s a sunny day today, Friday.

August thirty-first of two thousand and twelve

. And every time the sun rays touch the tiled floors of the house,

my heart jumps in excitement and regret with the knowledge

that one of these days I — we will be leaving this house for good.

A few months ago mom was blubbering about moving,

complaining about nosy neighbors and place disadvantages and

we just laughed about it thinking it was just to let our hearts calm

with the weird place.

But now when she opened up the topic again

I know that this is serious for sure.

Well moving from one place to another is a usual thing and

hell yeah I cannot wait to leave but a part of me regrets it.

A lot has happened here: good and bad;

it is the most comfortable house I ever set foot into;

our hearts have broken and put back into pieces in this house;

we have become accustomed with its neatness and messiness;

and although we have stayed for just almost three years now

I have fallen in love and at the same time despised this house.
Oh what a way to end this month! XD

More about moving later on…


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