It ends tonight.. (isn’t that a song?) Anyways, wow! What a wonderful month it was! 🙂 Reflecting on what have happened for the month of August :
1. A total of 11 posts including this one;
2. My son Jon Siegfried got sick for a few days, fortunately he gained weight. Just imagine a sexy — I mean thin penguin-height (me) carrying an eight-month baby whose clothes are the size of a one and a half year old baby. It’s a funny sight.
3. I lost more weight and in no time I will be underweight! What do I need to do or eat for me to gain weight faster? While keeping my body healthy for my baby because I breastfeed by the way!
4. I started playing Facebook games a few days ago, which I regret because it’s too addicting that it keeps me from doing other important things.
5. I joined quite a few blogging sites for moms. Hihi.
6. I finished watching Athena (korean drama) , Iris (korean drama), Missing (american-english series), and Tears to Tiara (anime).

Those would be the main events that actually took place while I am out of school and not doing anything at home. I apologize for not providing any links. I am posting through my mobile that I am too lazy to switch from browser to the WordPress App. Hehe.
Good night! :))


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