My Very First WP Award


Good Saturday eve. I haven’t been posting in a while because I was sick. I am on a recovery state right now though. Hihihi. I have been trying to figure out what I really am posting about. You know…those they call…”niches” or “topics” whatsoever and I fail yet again. Why? because this blog of mine isn’t really focused on one thing. Hihihi. Sniff. Sniff. Hatchhuu! I really would like to start a DIY or Crafts blog or a Parenting blog. It’s just that I really don’t know where to start. But right here and now, fiction will rise and the following posts will be far from reality. Well, not quite but yeah. Something like that. Oh wait! I almost forgot about my awards! I may have lost track of Jake because of that but anyways, here it goes…

Tadadadann… *drum roll* 

Yeepee! My very first award! I would like to thank my WordPress Mate Jake for awarding me the 7×7 Award last March 14, 2012 on his post Award Ceremony. I know it’s very late for me to be thanking you Jake but then I only came up with this. Hihihi. My fullest gratitude will always be to you, a great poet I first have met in this WordPress Society. However, there are certain rules of conduct that come with this Award and should be obeyed… : 01. Reveal seven things about myself that are not known to you ; 02. Place up seven of my favorite links ; and 03. Pass on the award to seven more bloggers.

So here it goes..again. Tadadadan…. *drum roll*

  1. I studied Veterinary Medicine and shifted half-way.
  2. I have a big, big family whose joys are hidden in photographs. (you know what I mean)
  3. I become too attached to pets that I was not allowed to own one after my first dog was stolen. (his name is Chubby by the way)
  4. I hate being on the spotlight yet I seek attention in the web.
  5. Socializing is not my style, I’d rather write short stories at home…alone.
  6. I have a strange passion for poetry that no one has…as far as I know.
  7. I give meaning to every little thing, whether said or done. 

I offer this 7×7 Award to the following blogs I have yet to know better and whom I feel like deserving of this. Should my heart and instincts be wrong, please feel free to complain. But as far as I could see their wonderful souls behind their blogs, you cannot stop me from passing this 7×7 Award to them… :

01. SuggestiveDigestive

02. Beebeesworld

03. WrongHands

04. WhereTheFad

05. SouthwestJournal

06. JusthitchedNowwhat

07. Carmit

I have been blessed an award by and once again I thank you and apologize for my late gratitude. We all have yet to learn from one another and I am hoping and wishing to the Almighty that He may guide us and lead us to the point of conversing through our blogs.



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