Between Saturday nights and Sunday Mornings

messy messy

 It’s the feeling of being blessed with overflowing bliss. An outpouring of words from the soul. An awakening of yet another character inside. That strange sensation as water run down your very skin. Yes it is indeed a sacred time to be inside the bathroom, hearing nothing but the sound of water coming out of the shower. This is my moment – my time – something I could call mine – something I can freely call my own. And it may seem a little weird to be in the shower at midnight but this is something I can be proud of. 

Sentimiento por dios santos. Just got caught in the middle of a song. hihihi.

Anyways, Hi. i am in the mood to listen to random songs today that it makes me want to writ and write. I know, it is madness. Yet I am hyped up. Now listing up what I can see in all directions of my eyes right now :

  • a living room with a lots of laundered clothes
  • a dining table with assorted things on it with leftover loaves and buns
  • a kitchen with unwashed dishes from breakfast
  • a shoe rack with some shoes scattered around

It’s like, wow. I should not be here typing instead I should be moving around and arranging things right? I know, I know. I just want to share my thoughts before it fades and woulod end up being unpublished again. It’s a pain in the ass, not being able to publish my recent thoughts you see. My heart is disappointed. Anyways, worry not.  have to prepare lunch and I’m all set. Well, have a blissful Sunday ahead. 🙂


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