Men Are Superior

Men and women

Men are and will always be superior. No matter how the years have changed, no matter how people look up to women nowadays. The belief that women have conquered men and are the ones outside working for the family is a misconception. For when inside a household you will witness a man’s true identity. A man may be a woman’s slave but truth is, love exist that causes that particular situation. There are circumstances that a woman hurts her man physically because of the false belief of today’s men and woman’s status. But

this is wrong. And how do I know? I slap men for no reason, I slap and shout at them as though I am the most powerful student in the classroom just because I was nominated for a high position. That was when I was in high school. And I admit that I slap and accidentally shout at hub occasionally. I do not regret it until today. I realized I was wrong, realized what I was doing was an embarrassment to the women’s society. I came back thinking of how harsh and reckless I was before to random men. Yes I may have gained power and they may remember me as the cruel-thick haired-fat girl in our high school years but I know that I have left footprints of disappointment and discouragement at the men’s society. What exactly happened today that made me think of these things? Nothing special. I just saw it in his eyes after I accidentally landed my hand on his left cheek. I felt as if I was hurting a part of him inside and it felt really bad. So take this as an apology to all the men I have slapped, hurt, or treated unfairly…accidentally and intentionally. We were young and and wild and free (LOL) and I did not understand men way back then. I know I was wrong.

So to the ladies, the young ladies, the wives, the young wives, and to the future wives…I want to remind you that men – YOUR MAN is as important as you think yourselves are. Give a little respect, a little space for showing their authority and superiority in your home. 🙂 God how I love my hub. hihihi. Have a blissful Friday. 😉 


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