Note to July’s End

Oh how I’ve waited, how I’ve waited for that challenge to end. I didn’t expect myself to be that bored and unchallenged at all. So…

July ends today and it’s raining pretty hard in the Philippines. And guess what : Classes Suspended! So why the late post? Quite busy with a lot of things mostly sleeping? LOL. How have you been guys? My, wasn’t able to thank my likers lately. Thank you so much for your support J.D. Gallagher and Lesley Carter during my boring days of the 30 – Day Blog Challenge and even until now. Gonna check your blogs soon enough. I’m just having a little problem with my connection right now but don’t worry, I’ll keep in touch. This day have left my brain blank – empty – unused. And that is a bad sign. Tsk Tsk. But it’s alright because tomorrow’s gonna be August already. Yay! 😉 

My heart’s in bloom as July ends and another month start to shine.


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