Day 30 ( 30 – Day Blog Challenge )

Weird Style

Image by Flora B. is ~ Florence Babenco ~ via Flickr

At last!!! The last day of the 30 Day Blog Challenge! oh how I’ve waited!!! Anyways, what would be my goals for the next thirty days? Hmmm…Still thinking. 

August. The last month for a Taurus’mind on creativity. Should have made a list of my thoughts since January and up to now they’re all stuck in my head. I should be productive this coming month, should boost up my creative mind, my talents, and everything that I have kept hidden. HAHAHA. My goals? I guess there’s only a few. I have to be the better person I can be; read more; blog more; write more; eat more because I’m getting skinnier according to people around me; buy more; complete Paulo Coelho’s books which is sixteen all in all; draw more; learn photography so take pictures more; travel more; encourage people to pursue their Personal Legend; and..can I keep the others a secret? lol.

Anyways, have a wonderful July Ending though it’ll end tomorrow. 🙂




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