Day 28 ( 30 – Day Blog Challenge )

English: Caricature of couple seated, with dri...

English: Caricature of couple seated, with drinks, at small table in restaurant. Cover illustration from Puck magazine, 1916 Dec 9. Caption: He: “I propose dinner.” She: “Materialist” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


This post was supposed to be published yesterday but I fell asleep on the screen. LOL.

Wow, now we’re talking about food baby. It’s F-O-O-D!!! A dinner with me for T-E-N exclusive people. Let me see…

1. Jon Boyd Cabaluna. Alive and kickin’. I would like to invite my hubby for the most formal of all the formal dinners ever. Reason? I just want to present myself in a different manner. The  complete opposite of me. The Menu : Roasted Beef Tenderloin Wrapped in Bacon, Peach Melba with Burnt Caramel Sauce for dessert, and Stone-Fruit Sangria for drinks. 🙂

2. Leon Abad. Diseased. My grandfather. Reason for inviting him to dinner? I heard he’s quite famous during his days. It would be a nice opportunity to interview him about his three-time-almost-dead incidents in the site where he works. I really admire him even though I haven’t met him. The Menu : HEAVY MEAT. Grilled Flatiron Steaks with Tomatoes and Tapenade with rice of course, Sweetened Banana Plantain for dessert, and Classic Whiskey Smash for drinks. 😉

3.Jake Downing. A WordPress Mate. I may not know he’s appetite but it’s just because he’s a great poet that would make me invite him to dinner. And according to looks, he’s a meat-eater too. So the Menu would be : Italian Sausage Meatball Heroes, Dessert Gazpacho for dessert, and Rossini for drinks.

4. Carole Jean. My eldest sister. A Bachelorette. It’s what they call “Beauty and Brains”:) I would love to have dinner with her to bring back the old good days. : She’s a light-eater so would just have Poached Salmon with Avocado Sauce and Bramble Smash for drinks.

5. Grail. My mom. A perfectionist in her own way. You’ll end speechless when you face “The Dragon of The House”and I meant that in a good way okay? Why dinner? Let’s just say when I became a mom I felt like I have to carry this burden of being a consultant of my own mom. LOL. Again that was meant for good. She’s Health conscious so maybe we’ll have Parsley The Green Light, Ube Kalamay for dessert, and Bellini for drinks.

6. Walter Navarro. A friend in my inner circle. Well we have to have dinner definitely because I have to let you change your mind for the better. You must not destroy our POTINA WAREBA CLUB weh. I’ll order us some Bison Burgers and a huge pitcher of Nestea Juice drink.

7. William Shakespeare. It would be an honor to face a legend. imagining what our dinner would be like? Maybe we’ll end up with new poems and sonnets. LOL. The Menu : Pickled Corn and blueberry Smash for drinks.

8. Phoebe Joy. My elder sister. The simplest of all the simple people I ever met. I would invite her to dinner. It is an opportunity to have a heart-to-heart talk about life. She has a future as a Philosopher you know. The Menu : Pizza Sandwiches and Cava Sangria for drinks.

9. Judith McNaught. One of my favorite authors. I would invite her to dinner for the very reason to ask for free books? LOL. The Menu : Salmon with Lemon-pepper Sauce , Mexican Bean Salad for dessert, and Agave Margarita for drinks. By the way, love that book Double Standards.

10. Last but not the least, Julz. A classmate from way back when. Reason? Just to make it up for friendship. The Menu : Beef Milanese with Winter Slaw, Amenian Bean Salad for dessert, and Kona Swizzle for drinks.




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