A Prayer of Gratitude



Dear God,


This is Jen, speaking. Thank you for letting me meet a lot of different people. I have come to learn of their own uniqueness.  Somehow I understand why others could not have peaceful relationships with others. Thank you for letting me see everything that I can see right now. Thank you for letting me hear everything that they want me to hear.  Thank you for guiding me through my ways be it good or bad. Thank you so much for taking my side most of the times. Thank you for letting me communicate well with my family and friends although  there are misunderstandings , you didn’t leave my side instead you helped me to be able to stand in front of everyone and everything. Thank you for always whispering that you are just there and that I do not have to fear anything. Thank you for making me the best that I can be. Thank you for listening to me now, for listening to me before, and for always listening to me. Thank you for letting me live differently at present and for reminding me of the past once in a while. Thank you for being so considerate to a child like me. Thank you for standing beside me at times I am about to fall into my knees and cry. Thank you for letting me continue with each day I live now. Thank you for not letting me, my family, my friends, my mates, and my countrymen, and my worldmates to starve and lack shelter and other basic needs, Thank you for always being there. Once again this is Jen, speaking.





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