Day 20 ( 30 – Day Blog Challenge )

something you always think “what if’about.

They say :

Never live your life with regrets.

So I haven’t thought anything about my “what if’s”. Hmm.. Let’s just say this is my current thoughts :

What if the world will truly end on December this year? 

I am not yet married at that time, and I would not be able to! I don’t have my PhD yet; my son would just be a year old; there would be a billion words unsaid; and a billion things undone. So I am hoping and praying with all my heart, my soul, and my body that it would not be the finish line of all human kind. “Live today as if there is no tomorrow” so as they say and experience all the possible things you might think of. And I just came about this site today which made my day a little sad because according to my calculations, it is a reliable source. I just wish everything about the world ending this year is false assumptions.



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