Day 18 ( 30 – Day Blog Challenge )


I entered a University for Veterinary Medicine and midway I came to realize that this is not for me at all. I am more inclined to consulting, to helping people with their emotional issues. So I transferred and enrolled BS Psychology instead. 🙂

Interior Designer.

I have always been addicted with this line of work. I have so many ideas that I can only picture them in my mind but could not apply. Haha.


It’s a job,a hobby,and something that goes with travelling. 🙂 It’s a dream job and is attainable. I am positive!

Fashion Designer.

 I love fashion but I don’t have style. I keep those high-class clothes in my mind and I only imagine my own runways in Paris! :))
Last but not the least…
Senator. Yeah,someday I would like to enter Politics. I would resolve some conflicts,do a little something for the world,and just live happily. Why Senator and not any higher than that? Because I don’t want to get involve in politics that much.



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