Day 17 ( 30 – Day Blog Challenge )

I am proud of the drawing that I make. They may not seem too professional but I am proud of them. The drawings that I make is a mirror of myself in my present mood; It reflects certain parts of me that I have yet to discover. Besides writing, it is in my drawings that I can express fully. ☺ Once I have drawn something, I can not repeat it nor copy the same size or whatever. I cannot copy any other cartoon characters either and if ever I can, it would take me a week to finish it. I draw based om my mood, my day, or on the music that is currently playing. Sometimes it is based on the weather or the environment. I draw randomly, I do not plan it ahead of time; I do not imagine first before drawing. I simply grab a pen or a pencil and a paper whenever I feel like it and I draw.

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