Day 15 ( 30 – Day Blog Challenge )

Write 15 Interesting Facts about yourself.

According to my calculations,

I have a lot of talents. Some hidden, some exposed. But with both I am a multi-tasking artist.

I started to draw when I was two and a half years old. And guess what: I haven’t realized I was drawing anime until I was in Fourth Year High School.

I always have different view on things. Everything has a different meaning to me even when a certain thing has an obvious and a permanent meaning.

I read with emotions and even act it out.

I do things in an exaggerated way.

I love to eat. And with eating, I love to cook. I am just lazy about it. lol

I write my thoughts. Be it random, with sense, or without sense. I just love filling out the blank pages of the paper.

According to my mom,

I am kind, forgiving, and unfriendly. In addition to that : Stubborn.

According to my hubby,

I love almost everything.

I am a very curious person. I try new things–almost everything.

I collect notebooks and any type of paper. I just love to buy them when it caught my eye.

I am obsessed with travelling.

I love to collect old, vintage things if I’m into it.

I love to collect and read books like non-fiction, fiction, and novel types.

I admire foreign languages. Music and conversations to be specific.



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