Day 14 ( 30 – Day Blog Challenge )

Have siblings? Talk about them. (taken from a Ilocos. 2009 Summer Trip)


They say siblings are always there for you. They are powerful in so many ways. 🙂 ❤

The Lawyer.

 Perfectionist. She is popular for her I.Q. in Law School.Smart and with high standards, I often run to her for inspiration on the things I want to do. I look up to her for her achievements in life and the way she does things in perfection and in grace. When talking about books, she is a best source for good authors and best books to read. Her art falls into reading, calligraphy, and writing.

The Nurse. 

Clean and Simple. My second elder sister is known for her simplicity and kindness. I have always admired her way of doing things and I admired her more when I first noticed her way of seeing things. She thinks deep down, and her words are one of those life-changing proverbs in the Bible. Her art is with nature.

The Psychologist.  >Me<

 I am an undergrad Psychologist. I don’t want to talk about me because the challenge’s point is to talk about my siblings. 🙂

The Future Doctor.

 My youngest sister wants to be a Military Doctor in the future. She’s a graduating high school student as of now. She’s mean, frank, and a joker. She loves sweets and enjoys reading adventure books. Her art is in line with animals.

There you go. And yes, we are all girls. 😀 With the sisters complete, it’s just fun and love. Family. 🙂


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