Day 02 (30-Day Blog Challenge)

Each of us has his/her

own strengths and weaknesses

and behind every strength is

our own beliefs–beliefs that

no matter how other

people persuade us

to go against things that

we strongly believe in,

could not change our minds.

With this being said, I would like to share mine today…


Art in a broader sense is everything and nothing. We live with it everyday, be it visible or not because at times there are certain arts that the eyes cannot see. And what I want to point out is the second one: the art which is not visible to the human eye. It is in a form of emotion–feelings to be precise. Art is life. It is the core of all the feelings in the world. Without it beings cannot express anything at all. Without it I would not be able to write here today telling you about it. Without it life would be a dull painting yet that is still art so without it life would be nothing. I am talking based from what I have understood about Paulo Coelho‘s books.

Love comes along and never without art. It is the totality of ourselves. We care because of it,we hate because of it. Love is the manifestation of the Divine Creator–a mirror of life and himself. Love never leaves,it only has absences in an individual. Love can be a criminal or a savior,depending on how we respond to it. Love is all we need. wahihi.


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