Excited for a One-year Old

Mother & Child

Mother & Child (Photo credit: Andy Magee)

I am excited to feel his little hands wrap around my neck and whisper the things he wants me to buy at the department store;

I am excited to hear him scream my name, running to me as cry and complain the things that bothers him;

I am excited to feed him with the food I eat (excluding the unnutritious food of course);

I am excited to play with him at the park, run around and laugh out loud all day long;

I am excited to teach all the things he has to know and the skills he wants to learn;

I am excited to hear his voice as he asks me too many questions;

I am excited to buy him clothes and toys that he chooses and point all the stuff he wants;

I am excited about everything for him after one year old that I cannot wait any longer

Motherhood is a difficult stage in a woman’s life.

It is as stressful as a complicated family’s life

but if you just look

on the brighter side of it — it is nothing but

proper guidance, decisions, blessings, and joy.

Today I decided to start a business because

I have to be super rich to buy all the things he wants

and all the things he needs.

I do not know where to start or what to do right now though. 😀


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