Yua Day!

How special is your special day? How do you celebrate anniversaries? How about monthsaries? My brother-in-law Jake believes that when a relationship reaches one year, the following celebrations should be yearly. But because I’m a Lovaholic and I consider myself on of the Romantics, me and my hubby prefers to celebrate one day every month in every year of our lives. We are one happy couple/family .

So this particular day is the day when we finally put ourselves a bit lower for each other and confess our overflowing feelings. To celebrate this day I made a letter:

Dear JBYua Q,

For months and years have passed and in our daily lives my brain did gain but a little knowledge of a man’s heart. And in this continued journey beside you my heart did gain but a little understanding of a man’s way of thinking. Why only a little you may ask and this is my answer: I am a Taurean in a stage of matured yet immatured phase therefor I posses characteristics such as emotional stability yet I still have emotional issues; Romantic to the max yet mean and rude mixed up with love. Therefore, I can hardly understand the ways of man to the highest level. So, pardon me for that.

I love you because I love you you because and nothing more or less. I love you just because. To hell with pride and shame, a woman also says this words too much: “I love you”. That is all I can say. And you know what, I am proud of you. My mind whispers “hesitate a little because even when you have a baby you;re not yet sure that you have his heart..” but my heart shouts “Hey!!! You’re both madly in love with each other that you even had a bay!! Wake up and continue smiling for love fills your words!!!” And yes my heart is right. Nothing to worry because I know deep inside and beyond outside, we are in love. Why am I bothered by my mind and heart’s war? And why am I telling it to you? No reason at all. I am writing now with random thoughts but thoughts of you and our past. Even when I know going back to the past will bring nothing but chaos, relax! I am reminiscing our great memories!

Anyways I want to thank you for being with me and Sieg today. Without you,,, of course there would be no “Yua Day”, eh. The you for the simple food; Thank you for helping mom with the product delivery; thank you for taking care of Jon Siegfried while I am attending my first day of school; thank you, thank you, thank you. You are a man!

I pray to God that He continue guiding and blessing not only us but the whole world.

Again, I love you with all my heart. ^_^

Love and prayers,

Jennifer, Jen, Pot-Pot, Yua, Jen Yua


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