From Social Media to Blogging

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So to the Blog World, here I am giving my half time to you (because my other half is for my son of course). From today I would be busy writing, making drafts, and practicing my photography for a better blogging way of mine.I have finally given up on social media, I mean almost. I got the feeling of boredom at the right time but I did not have the guts to delete my account. Moreover I was suddenly annoyed by less and less important notifications, of nonsense status posts by random people. I also had the feeling of loyalty and devotion towards blogging and my blog. My life and the pictures I shall freeze from today would all be shared though my blog and it is where people would be contacting me instead of stalking me on social media accounts, though I am keeping my Twitter Account active for certain followers that I want to keep updated.

To my social media friends I would like to apologize for the inconvenience of my selfishness and not attending to my S.M. Accounts particularly on Facebook. It is just that time has not given me the chance to change my mind and with that I move forward to the writing world even when with pain included. So you better follow my blog if you really want to keep in touch or just simply ignore my posts and continue to your Social Publicity or Social Media. My second reason for wanting you to follow me is for you guys to often check your mails. I want to bring everybody back to basics, when everyone just opened mail boxes and read updates on daily, general, relevant, and with sense events.

I do not mean to piss anyone off with the words I chose to address you and Social Media. I am merely being sincere with my words today and I hope that no one would be offended with the way I put it in here.

Anyways, life continues as time stood still for us. So let’s bring out the best we could and do the right things to be done.


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