Future P?

Ferris Wheel on the boardwalk in Ocean City, N...

Ferris Wheel on the boardwalk in Ocean City, New Jersey, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the end, that was life: a few plates, a favorite comb, a pair of slippers, a child’s string of beads.(Kaushik, Unaccustomed Earth)

With that statement I read today, I started to list down my future plans before as a child, as a teenager, as an adult, and as a mother.

As a child:

  • I planned to be an educator to Kindergartens, to play with them and be beautiful as a model for them to admire.
  • I planned to travel the world and look for fairy tale princesses and princes for me to interview.
  • I planned to marry my father when I become an adult and buy him an expensive car.
  • I planned to meet a frog who, when kissed, would turn into a wonderful prince.

As a teenager:

  • I planned to be a painter, a writer, and an actress. In short, an artist with many talents.
  • I planned to travel the world on my own, dating one man in one country, in a fancy restaurant but not committing myself to anyone.
  • I planned to be an educator of life to high school students and teach them love and life and all its mysteries.

. . . . . But with too much love I gave too much and of my family earlier than expected. Before i met the father of my son , , , ,

  • I planned to live alone, to have a lot of jobs and have a simple house by the lake.

As an Adult:

I think that being an adult comes with being a parent. So . . .

As a Mother:

  • I plan to finish my degree when my son is well cared for, when he is close to me enough to be with anyone who will look after him while I am studying.
  • I plan to be an educator of life, of love, to be a Psychologist at the same time — having a clinic in our house, to be a writer who writes whenever I am not focused on anything serious, to be a painter who paints life and sells them big time, to be a business person helping mom fix her complicated life, to be a professional cook for my husband and son.
  • I plan to build our house by the sea or be the lake, experiencing the four sacred seasons.
  • I plan to provide a car to my siblings – now seven – and hope that I could even give my mom and dad a house in the forest.

As of now I continue to dream and plan things for tomorrow. “Life is a matter of choice and love” they say so our past would not really have an impact to our future and the “now” is the only thing we should focus on.


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