The Fear of Popularity and a Man Who Plays Guitar

Man plays resophonic guitar at the Burlington ...

” Is it an illness? Or is it just a voluntary action of the mind that’s keeping me away from popular people? Since I do not know when, I have been avoiding people who tends to attract a lot of admirers. The reason? I do know it myself. But to a man who plays the guitar I become too shy that it keeps me silent for hours, reminiscing the melody of the guitar and the profile of that certain man playing it. “

And those are the first words that popped up in my mind as I open my eyes this morning. I just remembered my hubby holding the guitar and as I watch him from afar I have to admit I was stuck in the ground for a while to let that very moment sink in into me. Anyways it’s Sunday again people! This day is a lot of thinking about God and love.


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