ginger and tomatoes




ampalaya leaves

My language and the words that I will be using today will be local. Meaning it is based on my country’s choice of words.  The pictures on the left are ingredients to a recipe that I do not know so I will just name it “Shellampalaya”. 

Honestly I love cooking. Laziness and the lack of ingredients are the only things that pulls me back from it. And today, mom leaves me with an obligation to cook something for the first time. Nervous as I am I do not know what it’s called or how it’s cooked but all I can follow now is instincts. So our lunch for today is Shellampalaya. A recipe well-known for us yet is a stranger to me. Ha Ha Ha. Anyways the outcome was the average taste of it and unfortunately I was not able to add a photo of the result here. I am relieved that it turned out to be good. 

Setting the cooking and food aside, my feelings are in a jumble today. My hubby’s parents are inviting me to join them for Holy Week tomorrow and I could not put my mind into focus. I am nervous, excited, afraid, and super nervous. I am afraid that I may fail their expectations even more at this time because this would be the first bonding we’ll ever have. I am searching for a cue as a rescue or as a challenge for me to either reject the invitation or continue with the journey. And my hubby wants me to go. What shall my Holy Week be like this year? I am thrilled actually.


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