A Prayer

Dear God,

Thank you for your unconditional love.

Thank you for giving me life;

for the blessings me and my family receives everyday;

for the unlimited gifts and surprises from people especially from my hubby.

Please forgive me that at times I lose track of my trust in you and in the people I care about.

May you forgive my white and heavy lies from the day “lie” was accidentally added to the dictionary.

Pardon my unnecessary deeds to the people close to me that causes them anger and disappointment.

I know and I admit that I am on the wrong side of it all,

but Father I am willing to correct my undoings.

May you guide me through my journey towards a new kind of life: Motherhood.

May I ask for your unconditional love to let me see the light more often and automatically delete my memory by the dark.

May you give me wisdom that I may forgive more and give more than I have received and receiving.

God this is Jen, speaking.



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