April First


I bought a new shirt today. One way of celebrating April Fool’s Day. Had lunch at Chowking Sm Baguio with mom, hubby, and baby. Strolled with them and went to hubby’s apartment. The question is, why am I telling the whole about my half day with them? No reason. I just feel like it.

April Fool’s Day is about fooling around, lying, and teasing people but someone very close to me is confessing lies and sins and is about to restart his/her life today. I feel lighted and more loved with this realization of his/her mistakes. I would not want his/her identity to be known because he/she pointed this subject to be confidential. Let us name that person “Clown” then. Clown appears to be a professional artist with mistakes. Clown did things that disappointed the many but today Clown cried and said that Clown would be a better person. It is funny because Clown thought it is the end of the world. But I forgive Clown because I am not God to put judgement on Clown. The latter then is relieved and happy.

Life gives us moments like these and often times it turns out to be “forget and farewell”. But it should not be the case because in the end of it all, God will know what would be the right thing to do with everyone. And I believe that everything is written in His book of life,that there is a reason for these circumstances.

Oh my, I have been quite religous today,haven’t I?



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