Four in One

As I wake up at dawn

I have made up my mind.

I shall end the month of March with this post

though clueless of my subject.

The Expressway 

I am neither a writer for I haven’t written any book yet nor am I an author for I have not written anything that I was paid for. I admit that I do not get the difference of the two and blogging is not my style too. So what do I call this when I have actually registered for a blog and I am writing and posting in a blog? I call this Expressing and I would call my blog The Expressway. What do I call myself then? An Expresser? Is there any of such?  

As of March 31st

As of March thirty-first I am still nineteen and living a life I have not expected but enjoying it to the max! I am wearing skin-colored tights with a long, brown shirt today. My room is a mess, the house is a mess, everything is a mess and I am going to fix these for a day. I think this would be my way of celebrating the end of March. Starting tomorrow I would be posting daily, literally daily and I would be replying to comments only on Wednesdays. So today I would just muddle up my thoughts like mess it all up for no reason at all.  

Dear God,

Thank you for the wonderful month of March. I am blessed with good things and some were even in disguise. Thank you for the person that I am now. Your power is indescribable because I experience magic all the time. Forgive my evil thoughts of the world and my undoings. All I ask of you is your continuous guidance through this journey of motherhood.

The Month I Love

April is a month I love not because it is mine and my hubby’s birthday but because it sounds cute. Awkwardly hot yet the perfect time for beaches and gatherings. I shall expect my wedding’s cousin, my son’s christening, a lot of birthdays, anniversaries and much more occasions to get along with the family. And then I found out it is also a month of poetry writing. Although I would not but I might participate in this, I am so excited!!!

Happy face

Happy face (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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