On Rainy Days…

…cold Spring rain, peels skin like unwritten moments,and Henry Miller‘s Love for Anais Nin, vining stopped time, between the eyes and letting go… ~BlindBeatPoet (source: Twitter)

It is raining today, on a Sunday afternoon and as I scan my list on twitter I came by with the quote above. I chose it as my introduction  just because it has the word “rain”. 

Cover of "Rainy Day"

Cover of Rainy Day

 On Rainy Days:

  • It reminds me of my days with my best friend when we always run through the rain because we do not have any umbrella – always.
  • It is a great time for coffee and long talks with your friends just like I do with Christine and Walter, “The Potina Club”. 
  • It is an extraordinary day for cuddling and sweet nothings with your loved one.
  • It makes me want to stay in bed and just sleep all day long.
  • Often times electricity in our place are off because  some electricity wire broke and that would cause us to light candles and have horror story-telling for children.
  • It is a wonderful time  with your families doing movie marathons while lying on the bed with one big blanket for everyone.
  •  Gramma makes hot pancakes and hot chocolate for everyone and it brings warmth and joy when it rains. Although it is always the case but they are better on rainy days.

Well you can call me a Rainy Day Lover because I do not have any reasons to hate rain except that it destruct my plans for the day though it may convert to something sweet. How do you like rainy days in your places? Do you love rain? Or do you hate it so much that it makes you look so angry and down?

Stack of original pancakes

Stack of original pancakes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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