A One-sided Romance

Love Love Love

Love Love Love (Photo credit: Gregory Jordan)

Have you ever experienced loving a person to the extent that you would do everything even when that person has someone special already?
Or have you experienced being too much loved by someone even if that person knows you already gave your heart to someone else?
I guess everybody encounters this situation if not everyday then maybe every month or maybe even every year. Today I realized that when a person loves someone who is bound with another is a sacred thing that each one of us has to respect it no matter how annoyed or how hateful for us to be bothered by other people when we are already creating a world with somebody else. It is sacred because they are hurt with the knowledge that you are taken and that their hearts are only seeking for your attention and appreciation even if it would mean the lightest of it all.

So to those who love someone else’s love I offer you this:

Your heart maybe a lonely hunter in a lonely hill and your prey may have already been captured but your will shall never waver;your mind shall not go wild;your heart shall not shatter; and your body shall not wither. For love is never lost nor dead. Love will come and visit you again and your rejection only means it is God’s way of telling you it is the wrong direction. Never worry and smile at the person you once loved. Be grateful that you were not lead to that mistaken road and that you are still happy even when when love has set its wings to the neighborhood…

Happy Tuesday Romantics!


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