Public Apology

Good evening. I know my earlier posts are just drop-by thoughts without further editing and rereading and that it would make you think “what the hell?” or “such nonsense!” but right at this moment I would like to end it with this post. I have wandered through my Facebook Account all day and I had a lot of thinking. I would not share those thoughts tonight because starting tomorrow, I will be posting about them.

I have lots and lots of ideas that I would want to start right away with the random posts but I would keep it a secret for today. Did I just repeated what I said? Alright then. Tonight I shall kiss Nonsense Goodbye. If you think my earlier posts aren’t nonsense well thank you and good for you. But I know deep inside me they are nonsense and out of the interesting topics. Why? Because I am a Thinker who posts randomly and with “random” means literal random and just write and write without doubts. I would like to apologize about this in public through this letter.

Dear You,

Hi. Thank you for reading yet another random, nonsense post. With this I know that I am putting myself down but actually, No. I only am admitting my downfalls, my failure as an author.

I would like to thank ArLynn for her inspiring post which is one reasons that lead me into writing this. If I haven’t read that one post of hers, I would have been stuck in my dramatic randomly picked thoughts of mine. Also, I would like to express my gratitude to Jake,the owner of . He struck with his way of writing and of how meaningful those short poems of his was. Not being able to find his blog, I would have not reach this point of apologizing to public. Those two people in WordPress has really taught me a great lesson and they have undoubtedly touched my writing. Again, thank you.

I apologize for letting you read Nonsense since the day I joined WordPress. My main intention was to express myself fully which I am not certain I did not do the right way. My posts were low and my brain was messed up that caused my posts to look like a scrambled egg. Again, I want to apologize for my earlier posts. I could not and will not promise to write substantive posts but I will try my hardest to entertain you with the posts I am going to make beginning tomorrow.




Thank you for being cooperative and for your wide patience with my blog. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Public Apology

  1. Dear Jen,
    Thank you for the kind sentiments you have shared with the world about me, I am truly, touched and honored. But, please let me say this, about you, ALL of your posts are important, and for many reasons. 1. They express what you felt at the time of the writing. 2. As a tutorial for yourself. (Before you post, read it as someone else will, and not what you THINK you have written. 3. As a point of reference and measure, as to your “growth” as an author. (look back in six months to a year and see how far you’ve come.) And..4. There is always someone who wants to read what you have to say..
    So, write on, girl, write on!!
    Thanks again,


    • thank you so much!!! now am all fired up! i will be writing to the max and with my next post i will try to be as substantive as your works. pleas do give me some advises with my writing, i’d love to try and go with it.


  2. I found your blog today, Jen, and I very quickly decided that I would subscribe because I really liked your happy and simple way of seeing the world. It made me feel good. Your posts made me smile, made me laugh and made me think. So I was a little surprised when I came to this one. It makes me sad to think that you felt a need to apologize for your writing because what you have to say is important and worthwhile. You have wonderful thoughts inside of you and you should let them bubble up and share them with the world without doubt. I went back and read things you’ve posted before this one and I can assure you there is no nonsense there. Please, never think your writing is nonsense. Keep writing! Keep writing! 🙂


    • that flatters. Thank you so much. With this I would be more motivated and inspired to write. 🙂 i read this post again and have spotted too much negativity and it is a bad thing. so, i have decided to write more positive thoughts. thanks again. Jen.


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