Happy Things


I am a happy person and I was born this way. Unlike any other happy people, I have my own way of maintaining the level of happiness in my life. I may be just like the others who have so many conflicts and downfalls in life but I keep life simple and not let any of those negative energy put my smiling face away. Today I would like to share happiness and the things that keeps me smiling every single day.

1. Chocolates
2. Artworks
3. Books
4. Corny jokes
5. Teasing
6. Love
7. Anime
8. Business News
9. Letters
10. Cakes
11. Baby Scent
12. Fruits
13. Flowers on the table
14. Lying on the bed almost the whole day
15. Drawing
16. Anime
17. Classical Music
18. Japanese and Korean Language
19. Spring Dresses
20. Writing on all journals
21. Listening to mom’s legendary adventures in reality
22. Having coffee with mom and future husband-these are sacred moments
23. Spongebob Squarepants
24. Travel-decorated Notepads
25. Chewing gums
26. Thinking of tomorrow
27. Counting money
28. Planning
29. Watching
30. Glee
31. Soft Pillows
32. Bread and eggs
33. Pancakes
34. New Samsung applications
35. Sound of rain
36. The first sight of sunrise
37. Notebooks
38. Wine Corks
39. Lomo pics
40. Red and Grey


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