I Take My Words Back


Flowers, Wine, and Cereals

With this post I have decided that love has to set its wings far from my roof but suddenly The Naked Croatian got one wing broken and followed my blog yesterday. As I read her profile, it inspired me to get back on my feet and think about my feelings for my future husband.

So today my baby son got his second vaccine. We headed to my future husband’s apartment and had lunch with bacon and beef(I do not know what recipe of beef that was). He cooked for us and now I am thinking of his efforts and his deeper feelings when it comes to family. The picture above does not really have any relevance with any of this. I was just so happy this morning that I took a picture of what was on the table. It seems that these three are actually what I live for, when I was a teenage drama queen. Anyways, our day has not ended yet but I posted this early because I am too excited and if I do not write it now, I might forget the right words to express my feelings on my half day with my family.

Flowers, Wine, and Cereals. It’s all about love baby.


7 thoughts on “I Take My Words Back

  1. Your photo sends flashbacks of when I was with my ex of six years and my daughter all in one home, as a family. It brought me some sadness that I have lost that lifestyle, but I can only hope for the best in the future. Flowers, wine and cereal… It is all about love, but for me, it’s about memories too. Cheers!


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