A Thought

I just received my post-anniversary gift today: The Magic by Rhonda Byrne and a Notepad Set from National Bookstore. I am mad and touched at the same time. I do not know where to start but I really am so angry since Sunday. March 04, 2012 is our One year and three months in a relationship and he did not show up.

Material gifts are nothing. They just add up to your list of how much you owe that giver something. And I do not know why, even at the verge of giving up on everything I still managed to forgive and smile at this person. I feel so weak inside that I want to burst into tears. I actually ended up our relationship that Sunday. Well it was one-sided though. I just don’t feel like moving forward with a man who does not even care. I am but a single mom now. I live a life on my own and I want to actually continue living that way. I have dreamed of a life alone in a big, empty house unmarried without kids, just my works piling up before my desk. And now the tables have turned, I have a son which I do not regret of having and so I continue to dream. At first I thought I could wish, hope, and dream with someone about a bright future with my baby. Now, all I know is I am happy and pre-occupied by my son, nothing more, nothing less. Life goes on with this thought stuck up in mind: ” I will live alone with my son, in a condo or apartment and I stay unmarried.” That is a final decision as of now. What I really would like to point out today is that, even relationships with plans could easily fall apart and that what you thought would be there for you wasn’t really there for you at all. I say, good night fellows.

I shall wake up tomorrow with a smile on my face, and not letting anyone step on my way.


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