Boydless Nights

What do you usually do when your spouse or partner is out?

Tonight is one of the nights when my future husband is not around and at times like this, my mind is at work. I have listed some of the things that I do in his absence and the things that pops up into my head as I sit beside the bed, listening to my baby’s snore and watch the empty space in the room which my hubby used to occupy when he is home with us.

  • Often times I think of you, I reminisce the moments our our First Times: the first time I met you; the first time we greeted each other; the very first topic we talked about; the first time we had our deep conversation; the first time we played Alternate Question and Answer and how we ran out of questions to ask.
  • I write about my day  in all the journals I keep. (When you are around, I have less time to write because I am preoccupied by your presence. I love staring at you when you sleep.)
  • I keep on planning what to do when you arrive and I even practice on how to greet you in different ways. Honestly, I look like a fool that I am glad you are not here to witness this.
  • In my mind I have a lot to do, a lot to fix, a lot to organize–in my mind.
  • I talk to our Jon Siegfried (our son) when no one can hear and I tell him all bout our experiences.
  • I list all the food I would want to cook alone and all the food I want to cook with you. I keep thinking of that list and I have memorized it. Again, I could not write it on some paper because it is as precious as it seems to me that I am afraid I would lose that piece of paper one day. I might forget where in the world did I put it and then it might end up in your hands and I would not be glad about that because I am keeping that list a secret from you so I could share it with you when we have our deeper conversations again.
  • I often look at the mirror and doubt about my appearance. I put myself down in a while and then encourage myself back up again just to pass the time.
  • I always plan on scolding you about your computer games and to get really mad at you when you arrive that I even sweat the heat of anger. But I always end up with a smile and have already forgiven you the moment I saw your face.

Those are just few of the crazy things I could remember for now. My eyes are heave and I want to go to sleep. I shall say good night for now.

So, do you also have some crazy things to share whenever your partner is at work or simply not where you could see him or her?


4 thoughts on “Boydless Nights

  1. Depends. I’ve been with my partner for last 20 years. One thing is that we rarely communicate with one another when we are each on the job.

    We each do have our own activities. Though we cycle together, we also bike on our own. Even when I was unemployed, and he was running his own business from home, I was out cycling up to 2 hrs. or more daily. As long as I know of several good routes, I just go wandering on my own.

    As you can see I also blog, which does or does not include some of his photos and mine. Actually some of my blogs, are a blend of blog posts written each by myself and him. There’s only 1 blog post where we jointly wrote a post together.


  2. I think that way too, Yua. I always reminisce the past, too. All of it will come back. We just have to take it slow. Because for now, Sieg is the most important one that we should focus on. He needs our guidance, because he’s still growing. Love and care is what he needs from us. But of course, I love the two of you. Specially you, so when in times that I’m not around, don’t think negative and patience Yua, patience.

    I already told you I can’t stop my addiction on my “gaming syndrome” – that’s what I call it myself. Haha! – but my focus – priority – is on you and to our son.

    Hmm…I guess I ran out of words to write…next time again, ok.

    I love you and Sieg. Goodnight. ❤


  3. My husband traveled for his job for about 10 years or so and he would be gone months at a time. That added up to a lot of lonely hours! One thing we did do is to write e-mails to each other every day. And, boy, did I have a lot to say! I wrote about my day, cute things the kids did and milestones they were reaching, problems and concerns, my hope and dreams and plans for our future…my deep thoughts. I printed all of them out and we have notebooks filled with our corespondence. It turned out to be a nice way to keep a record of family history and someday our kids will read them and know us better and what our lives had been like then. Writing to my husband made me feel as if he were sitting across from me listening. You could always write your thoughts down and they would make excellent love letters. 😉


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