Hello world!

This is my first post. I have been reading a lot about how to start blogging for a month now with the desperate thought of the possibility to earn through writing and still I cannot cope up with it. A lot of sites requires me to pay and I am unable to pay even a dollar. So why am I here now, posting? I just cannot wait to load my blog with my thoughts.

Anyways, hi. Today is the second of March and everyone in my city is out enjoying Session Road in Bloom, one of Baguio City’s activities during Panagbenga Festival. I am not one of those because I am staying at home, nursing my baby Jon Siegfried. 

I am quite saddened of the fact that I cannot roam around freely now but it is alright because I can have time alone with my baby at home. What is wrong in missing out a festival for a year anyway? I guess it would just consume my time and it is just once that I would not be joining the family gathering at nights during this once a year event.

Moving forward, what I really want to share today is about my first, very own, sacred post. Sacred for this is a hard decision that I had to think upon on. I do not know how I should start my composition, what to talk about, and how should I relate one sentence to the other. I am a bad thinker, you see. I have a lot of things going on inside my head and I just write them randomly depending  on what comes first. Worse is, I do not even have the time to review my post that I publish it right away. Forgive me for blogging messily without a specific topic. My mind really is in a state of “Over Thinking”. But here I am, writing though in shame of my abilities to put my thoughts in word. If only I could save this as a draft which I know it actually is saved automatically, I would not have the guts to publish this in its own, messy way.

I love to write. Pardon  my inabilities and my way of putting this but I hope you could understand my obsession for writing. I am only one of those trying hard, wannabe writers whose brains are about to blow up because of Thinking itself. The funny thing is, I have no choice but to love my first post let alone my coming posts ahead. My blog could not be compared to the other blogs I have checked and read carefully because they have direction, purposes, and style. God how I wish I have one of those three.

Since I was a kid I have dreamed of writing. When people asks me what I wanted to be, my only answer is ” I want and I will be an International, Famous Writer just like Paulo Coelho.”


2 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. A writer needs to write. There’s no way to get around that so first it’s important just to write. I’ve found that it’s ok to babble. I do it a lot. That’s how all the good stuff comes out. Sometimes I just let everything out and then go back later and pick out some very good ideas to write about or just it trim down and change a few things and leave the rest how it is. And sometimes babbling is just the way it’s supposed to be with no editing. (I’m not saying you were babbling just now – it’s the word I use for myself when i’m “writing ramdomly” or “blogging messily”.)
    I remember well the times when my kids were babies and how hard it was not to be able to live freely as I had in the past. Your son is so beautiful! He will grow very fast. Enjoy every moment. Before you know it, you’ll be free again and wishing he was still little!


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